710 Park Avenue
Suite 3E
New York, NY 10021



J Street is a collective of creative marketing consultants located in New York City.

what we think

J Street's philosophy and unique point of difference lies in its respect for the balance of traditional and contemporary marketing/communication strategies. The company's two founders each bring their own personal perspectives and approach to brand strategy but share the same fundamental principles on how to build a successful brand. Jordana Waxman and Judith Agisim are products of different generations, but find harmony in their contrasting points of views and techniques. This distinction propels all J-walkers to look at each challenge from a variety of angles and fuse their vision to ultimaely create the most targeted, comprehensive and sustainable strategies for their clients.

J Street builds and grows high profile brands; we further distinguish ourselves however, in our passion for building new brands. Companies in their infancy require J Street to fully integrate itself and become an extension of the brand. An emerging company's success therefore, is a shared journey and reward.

J Street Consultancy prides itself on its ability to effectively balance analytical process and creative thought; global understanding and regional sensitivity; listening and advising; modern and classic.